Freemasonry offers men the opportunity for special insight and a new dimension in life. Good men seek what Masonry offers, although they may not realize it. Men search for truth - a right inherited from the "ancients." That right is relevant and engaging in modern civic culture.

Freemasonry's doors are open to any man of good character and good repute, but you must ask for admission.

We encourage all who are interested in Freemasonry to attend our dinner at 6:15 pm that occurs prior to our regular stated meetings, which are the 2nd TUESDAY of every month. The dinner is open to all.

To facilitate your process in joining Freemasonry, please fill out the Membership Petition prior to your attendance. If you do not know a Master Mason from the Lodge that can recommend you, attend a few dinners to get to know some of the Brethren better.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (972)-567-1693 .