J. Darrell Kirkley (2010-2011)

J. Darrell Kirkley, retired in 2008, was the founder and co-owner of JDK Communications established in 1975. As a producer/director of corporate and industrial film and video shows, J. Darrell has worn many hats. From directing, co-writing, graphics designer, 3D animator, he has touched the many facets of production. Writing poetry has been a hobby as well as many other artistic endeavors such as painting, sculpturing, and computer digital arts.

He has studied with several noted fine art artist and attended live drawing classes at SMU. He has received over 35 ribbons for his paintings and drawings over the years. With his film and video production entries, he has been honored with numerous international accolades, such as; The Aurora, Platinum and Gold; The Tally Awards, Gold and Bronze, The Summit Awards, Gold and Silver, plus several others.

Mr. Kirkley is a holder of two U.S.A. patents (1982) for his Safety Light invention for runners and joggers. His painting “A Tribute to the Survivors of 9-11” was presented to New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion in 2002 by the Mayor of Dallas, Texas. In 2004, due to a family tragedy, J. Darrell turned to poetry to help cope with his grief and as a release to help with the healing process. He now has a chapbook manuscript, “Stone Memory”, about the loss of his daughter, Marisa, his only child. He has been active with poetry workshops and open microphone readings for the past two years. He has had two poems published by e-publisher, Red River Review. Co-Author of homeless anthology book 2011: "From Under the Bridges of America".

A member of the Dallas Poets Community, since 2008, has designed four "Illya's Honey" Poetry Books for DPC publications.            J. Darrell founded the “Poetic Friends of the Bridge” a national poetry contest, entry funds benefited "The Bridge", Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance.

J. Darrell was born on December 31, 1941 to parents; Donnie(McSwain) and Charlie P. Kirkley in Tyler, Texas. Two syblings, Charlene (Kirkley) Carter and William Douglas Kirkley.

J. Darrell Kirkley grew up in Daingerfield, Texas and moved to Dallas in 1961 after returning from Army Reserves act-ive duty at Ft. Knox, KY. He has resided in Dallas for the past 50 years, 42 of those years with his wife, Judy. They were married on May 10, 1969. One daughter born on Aptil 1, 1974. Marisa Ann Kirkley (1974-2004).

Brother Kirkley was raised a Master Mason in 1986 in Louis Preister Lodge #1150 by WM Sam Marshal. He was Instructed by PM, McLoed Stinnett. The lodge name, Louis Preister (for 25 years due to a grant) was changed back to Highland Park Lodge in 2006. J. Darrell is also a 32º Mason in the Scottish Rite Valley of Dallas. 

J Darrell Kirkley, PM

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Kelly Weed (2003-2004)

Kelly Weed was born in San Francisco in January 1961. At a young age the Weed family moved to Texas when his father was furloughed from the Army in 1963. The family spent two years on a 50 acre farm in the Piney Woods of Quitman Texas. Mrs. Weed, Kelly’s Mother became sick, and the family moved to Dallas so she could receive better care at BAYLOR hospital.  Shorty thereafter, Mrs. Weed died when Kelly was 6 years old. The Weed family had located to Southeast Dallas where Kelly spent his academic years including graduating from H. Grady Spruce High School in 1980. Though high school he worked at Tom Thumb Grocery part time, and still achieved a 3.63 GPA. 

Kelly worked as a salesman in the food industry for the next 20 years; with companies such as Albertsons, R. J. Reynolds, Nabisco, and Keebler Company. In 1996, Mr. Weed formed the Weed Property Management Company and has since grown to more than $4 million dollars in investment properties. Kelly sets his goal and looks forward to retirement at age 55. 

The first impressions of Masonry came when friend, Bill Thomason; a three time past Master of Highland Park Lodge # 1150 invited Kelly to dinner at Edwin J. Keist Lodge. There Kelly met Mike Biddler, a Senior Steward at Keist and the Secretary of Louis Preister Lodge #1150, (one time named for Highland Park Lodge). Kelly continued to help in the kitchen and with serving meals. Soon Kelly asked for a petition and was received into Masonry. He was instructed by Brother Thomason, also  member of Mesquite Lodge #928. Kelly worked through the degrees of Freemasonry to be raised on November 13, 1999 to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. 

As a member of HP Lodge, Kelly has served in practically every position and all the chairs. He enjoys participating in all the Masonic Degrees. He became Treasurer (a paid salary) in 2010, waving any monetary salary to help HP Lodge’s finances during the downturn when the Grand Lodge could not make any returns on their endowments. Brother Weed pitched in to help oversee the sale of the lodge building and to help move of HP Lodge 4 times over the past 20 years. He contacted Blue Ridge Lodge and moved the lodge furniture to their facilities. Kelly has stepped forward and given monetary support to needy causes. Kelly is dedicated the
Masonry and to whatever Highland Park Lodge has a need for. He has personally matched funds for the Community Builder award recipient, donating in their name to the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital.

Brother Kelly Weed has served as Pro-Tem (2002-2003) Worshipful Master and The Worshipful Master of Highland Park Lodge and continues to set a good example as a role model for new Masons traveling through their journey of Masonry.
Highland Park Lodge #1150 was proud to bestow the accolade of honor, The Golden Trowel Award, to Brother Kelly Weed in the year of 2013.

J. Darrell Kirkley, PM  (2013)

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